10 Tips for Better Email Marketing

Email marketing at SeeRM

A client in Northern Ireland has just asked for some tips on how to improve the success and effectiveness of their email marketing activity. Cue another handy 10-point list that I thought I would share to you all...

  1. Only send marketing emails to recipients that you know absolutely are interested in getting them
  2. Send emails that are going to be of specific interest to the recipients
  3. Try to use the email to answer a question or solve a problem that you know the recipients have
  4. Try to indicate in the title/subject line that the email is worth reading
  5. Personalise the email to the individual recipient as much as possible
  6. Remember that users usually spend less than 10 seconds looking at an email - even if they open it at all - so the message has to be appropriate, succinct and efficient
  7. Recipients use a wide variety of of desktop and mobile email programs and each will affect the design & layout differently. So remember, keep it simple & less is more! (Mailchimp gives good email layout examples whereas most companies tend to over-complicate the designs and include too much content)
  8. Are you asking the recipient to do something else after reading the email? Is it clear?
  9. Is each email a new shot in the dark every time, or is the process part of a managed on-going learning process, e.g. based on a CRM foundation?
  10. Email marketing is not successful if it's only used as cheap advertising. It only works as being part of the managed digital relationship marketing cycle, and in that context it works really well!


And there it is - nothing particularly new and nothing that you won't read a hundred different ways on other posts, but hopefully useful to some of you.


cheers for now, Russell Moore