CRM & Business Development

Using CRM for business development and sales

A simple 10-point list to explain our role in providing CRM for advanced business development strategies for companies in Northern Ireland.

Recently, I have been asked to send the following information to a number of prospective clients to try to explain a little bit more about what we do here at SeeRM and, more importantly, what it means for your business or organisation. Basically, we're about using advanced marketing techniques to help you win new business sales and more profitable customers. So I thought I'd turn it into a blog post and 'spread the love' a bit wider...

  1. Our central offering at SeeRM is the free installation and application of a CRM system for any organisations that want to move from a purely sales/transaction-based business development strategy to a 'relationship marketing'-based strategy.
  2. Relationship marketing recognises that the purpose of any business is not to sell products or services per se, rather to service a market audience with whatever they need, want, prefer etc as part of a mutually beneficial on-going relationship.
  3. Relationship marketing leads to happier, more satisfied customers who spend more, are more loyal, become partner-like in their contribution to the organisations' on-going R&D, and are great advocates and sales assistants.
  4. An essential element of relationship marketing is to recognise that, because of digital and social media (web, Facebook etc) the audience has a louder voice now even than the brand. This means that asking and listening to what the customers want is now more important than simply telling them what to think e.g. through traditional advertising.
  5. To do the asking and, crucially, the listening the organisation has to employ a CRM (customer relationship management) system at the hub or core of their business - and not at the edge or as an afterthought!
  6. Once the CRM is in place the intention is to get as much customer profiling and behavioral data into it and then to analyse that data for trends, preferences and other essential information, from which the organisation will work out what to make/supply, in what way, at what price etc and will therefore have a successful business.
  7. CRM systems have been for sale for many years and there are many of them, usually sold as a 'software' product to people who don't understand what it's for or who don't want any more software. In general though they can be expensive once you add licenses for multiple user/administrators and for larger numbers of customer contacts.
  8. SeeRM, based near Belfast, has a marketing-centric CRM solution that we can provide for SMEs in Northern Ireland for free, i.e. without any up front or repeating monthly cost. This is a unique offer in the market. The CRM can be installed into any existing Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla website or can be used alongside any other type of website.
  9. Often however, the client's existing website (if there even is one) will be old-fashioned and limited in its marketing functionality (e.g. for mobiles, social media integration etc) and a second part of our offering is the development of fully-functional, modern, mobile-ready, content-managed websites for a cost (on average) of about £1,000.
  10. Once the CRM & website are in place SeeRM will help the client make use of it with a range of (paid) consultancy and production services, inc:
    • strategic relationship marketing planning
    • direct marketing campaign design and deployment
    • data capture forms
    • competitions, quizzes, surveys, questionnaires etc
    • integration with social media channels
    • personalised, tracked email & SMS marketing
    • marketing data management, analysis and reporting


Hopefully that helps to explain things a bit more and some of you will find that helpful. Taking a fresh look at your business development strategy from a relationship marketing perspective will reinvigorate your organisation, and installing a CRM capability is the first step on the road to achieving profitable new business.


Please feel free to ring SeeRM on 07876 342399 for more information...