6 Resolutions for the New Year

Resolutions for 2013 from SeeRM

The holidays were great but I bet some of you are like me and itching to get back into the fray. It feels like there's so much to get done and that it's a really good time to get going. Ok, so the world didn't end after all (oh those pesky Maya!) and there's still much economic uncertainty around but, for me, all that means is opportunity to clear the decks, throw out some tired old routines, and get cracking on some new ideas. So, I thought I'd start in time-honoured tradition and write out some resolutions for the year ahead and then we can look back in 12 months' time and see how far we got...

  1. Try to have the courage to only work on things that are genuinely interesting – if I'm not into it I won't give it my best and then I won't be worth the money. If I can do my best then an appropriate reward will surely follow!
  2. Lose some of the 'digital' in 'marketing' – I mean, who cares anymore, right? It's digital, we get it, and everything's digital. What people don't get (really they don't) is Marketing and what it does and why. That's the big challenge for 2013 and maybe a thread that we can explore in more detail in a later blog...
  3. So on that, maybe stop talking about 'marketing' so much as about 'business development' or 'strategic company management'. Clients are company owners who just want their businesses to be more successful. They're more comfortable talking in terms of increasing sales and winning new business, so what we do has got to be less about some theoretical concept called relationship marketing and more about the simple and cost-effective techniques that help them sell more stuff!
  4. Try to separate the tools, channels, technology and processes from the much more important reasons 'why?'. This is going to be contentious I know, and apologies to those who are still trying to make a living from stuff like basic website design and social media, but I'd prefer that even the smallest new SMEs were trying to do the right things for all the right reasons rather than being put off by the costs of CRM and proper integrated inbound marketing deployment.
  5. Try not to waste time with meaningless 'willy-waving' competitions – ok, I know some stuff that most of you don't, other people know about some other 'digital' things that I don't, particularly, and most of you should, by now, know that there's this thing called the internet and it's really important. I've got some knowledge I can bring that will add value to your organisation and if you want it I'll be happy to share – if you don't then it's no problem, but it's not a competition!
  6. Have more fun! Simple that one, but maybe the most important of all...


So that's it, a few thoughts for the year ahead on this the first day back to work. What do you think? Anything resonate with anyone? Please, feel free to leave a comment and sign up into the CRM for newsletters, surveys etc...
Oh, and do all have a very happy and prosperous New Year in 2013. Cheers, Russ



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