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Welcome to SeeRM

SeeRM is the first specialist digital relationship marketing and Social CRM consultancy in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Relationship marketing is a business management process in which an organisation works in partnership with its customers to deliver what those markets really want; developing customer loyalty, trust, advocacy, increased profitability and mutual success.

Social CRM is a developing concept that uses the power of the Web 2.0 toolset  - forums, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc - to build and develop those market relationships through ongoing managed conversations with your customers, investors, suppliers, distributors and your own employees etc.  

We hope you can use this website as an ongoing source of information and advice about Digital Relationship and Conversational Marketing and/or Social CRM. If you want to talk to us at any time about how we might be able to help your organisation, please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tweet @SeeRM and we'll come running...

We look forward to talking to you. 

Follow us at https://twitter.com/seerm

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Get on the Clue Train!

Get on the Clue Train - essential information about relationship marketing from SeeRM

 If you get nothing else from SeeRM, follow this link and read this article:


ClueTrain is a light-hearted manifesto of 95 theses on the theme that markets are actually conversations and why, in the digital and social media age, putting these concepts at the strategic core of your organisation is essential.

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